This project and website is created and maintained by me - Michael Mortensen - and I live in the outer province of Denmark, more specific in the small town of Gilleleje.

I am currently a 39 years old Software Architect, who has a professional background as a System Developer since 1999. Before my developer carrier, I started my curiosity in regards to web development back in 1996 with my very first website (in plain old HTML), which strenghten my goals to become a web developer later on. Web development alone, however, did not satisfy my skills nor my curiosity - I wanted more in regards to building the best solutions possible meeting requirements, needs and wishes from a broad scale of interested parties.

Besides this amazing project I am also employeed as a Software Architect in a larger company servicing the media industry, with the driving force of development and interoperability.

What motivates me about this project is to constantly make small improvements with every release; challenge some of the fine code done by Microsoft in either earlier or current releases of the .NET Framework and last but not least; doing what i like doing the most - continuously learn, adapt, design, develop and tweak every little bit of bits and bytes out of .NET Framework CLR 2.0 and newer.

Michael Mortensen

Michael MortensenAuthor

My passion reside with architecture, development and deployment using Microsoft technologies. Having a broad knowledge on the .NET Framework CLR, Windows Servers, IIS, SQL Servers and Azure, it is my driving force to complement these technologies.