• Cuemon .NET Framework

    The versatile assembly package for all breeds of coders, programmers, developers and the likes thereof.

    • Feature rich assembly package for your Windows-, Web-, Cloud- and WCF projects
    • Fully compatible with and from Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 with SP1
    • Obtain and manage easy through NuGet in your Visual Studio projects
    • Follows the same namespace structure as Microsoft .NET Framework
    • Built and designed for keen, flexible and intuitive day-to-day programming
    • Lots of hidden gems and powerfull features waiting to be unleashed
    • Completely free to use in all types of projects
    • Licensed under The MIT License (MIT)
    • Source code available on CodePlex
  • Cuemon - the patriarch assembly of the family

    A natural companion to the System namespace.

    • Ultimate design abstractions through generic delegates that takes up to 20 arguments
    • Several generic factory classes to futher support a high degree of design flexibility
    • Powerfull caching that is extremely versatile to work with including support for memoization
    • Supports vast ways for diagnostics, monitoring and measuring performance
    • Simple and powerfull ways to embrace the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
    • Provides ways to make applications more resilient with generic transient fault handling logic
    • Represent cacheable data-centric content that can be validated by cache-aware applications
    • Support for AES-128, AES-192 and AES-256 cryptography encryption and decryption
    • Support for cryptographic hash functions as well as simple and fast hashcode computation
    • Good performance with low memory footprint due to preferential usage of Stream and Byte arrays
    • Provides support for parallel For, ForEach and While loops and regions
    • Lots of hidden gems and lambda friendly features at your disposal
  • Cuemon.Data - the ADO.NET quadruple assembly of the family

    A natural companion to the System.Data namespace.

    • Access, work and take control of your ADO.NET data sources the easy way
    • Built-in transient failure handling for all data sources
    • Extends the powerfull caching further with out-of-the-box data dependencies
    • ORM ready business entity classes that offers a high degree of flexibility
    • Out-of-the-box support for Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Azure and SqlCeClient
    • Super fast bulk upload for Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Azure
    • Several abstract classes for full ADO.NET control with 3rd party data sources
    • Designed for low memory and resource footprint
  • Cuemon.ServiceModel - the SaaS enabled assembly of the family

    A natural companion to the System.ServiceModel namespace.

    • Engineered to harness the full power of ASP.NET - for cloud services
    • Simple but efficient design; one Endpoint-module paired with 1-n Endpoint-handlers
    • Declaration of intent to provide a fast, reliable and REST friendly endpoint provider
  • Cuemon.Web - the ASP.NET assembly of the family

    A natural companion to the System.Web namespace.

    • GlobalModule and derived provides a highly versatile replacement for the Global.asax approach
    • XsltPage and XsltMasterPage is provided out-of-the-box for true UI-seperation
    • Support for a MVC-similar approach with simple - yet effective - IHttpHandler-based routing
    • Lots of powerfull features and hidden gems at your disposal
    • Provides a way to create tampering protected URIs
  • Cuemon.Xml - the XML assembly of the family

    A natural companion to the System.Xml namespace.

    • Provides vast ways for writing and serializing XML with versatile options for customization
    • Super flexible ways of applying XSL-transformations to your XML data
    • Represent an xsl:output element as a .NET object
    • Convert any Xml source to JSON
    • Lots of lambda friendly features at your disposal
    • Provides a way to chunk XML into smaller pieces
    • Easy copy and change any XML source for your liking
    • XML data reader tailored to accompany the bulk upload for Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Azure

Cuemon .NET Framework 4.0.2016.1380

Cuemon .NET Framework is a free and flexible assembly package for the Microsoft .NET Framework. It provides a comprehensive set of tools to accompany the toolbelt of all breeds of coders, programmers, developers and the likes thereof. Ideal for Windows-, Web-, Cloud- and WCF projects.

Read the latest release notes for Cuemon on NuGet , Cuemon.Extensions on NuGet  and Cuemon.Core.Package on NuGet 


Download primary assembly package Cuemon and optional package Cuemon.Extensions - both available through NuGet.


Accustom yourself with the assembly package that follows the namespace structure of the Microsoft .NET Framework.


Start typing away and intuitively know what area of the assemblies to use in your everyday coding goals.


Enjoy the flexible ways these assemblies let you get things done in Windows-, Web-, Cloud- and WCF projects.


Keep focus on your core application while saving time and resources on features provided by these assemblies.


A handy and feature rich assembly package that provides many out-of-the-box options covering most coding scenarios.

.NET Framework

All assemblies are fully compatible with Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SP1, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and newer.

Platform Hosting

Compatible with Microsoft Windows 2003, 2008/2008R2, 2012/2012R2 and Azure (including SQL Azure).

Peace of Mind

Agile development provides improvements, new features and bug fixes in cycles of 1-8 weeks, at least 12-times a year.


Full online and offline documentation including one per-assembly XML documentation file.

Free of Charge

100% free; use it for commercial projects, open source projects, or just about whatever you want.

Free Cultural Works

This work is licensed under a The MIT License (MIT).